7 Easy Ways You Can Make Money On Facebook

7 Easy Ways You Can Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is a widely popular Social Media network with a large online market pool that has over 2 billion monthly active users. Many people already leverage the social media platform’s popularity and active users to generate revenue streams. But many still lack the required knowledge on how to make money on the global platform.

So, here are some proven tips on how you make money on Facebook without investing a single penny. These recommendations are based on insightful analysis from reliable sources like Search Engine Journal, Shopify, Influencer Marketing Hub, etc.

Drive Facebook Traffic to Blogs for a Fee

According to Invest Small, driving Facebook traffic to blogs is one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income on the social media platform. You can get incredible traffic from Facebook to blogs can earn with this strategy without investing money. If you have a Facebook group or page with massive followers, it’s time to earn a decent living on the platform.

Many companies and clients are willing to pay for traffic, making it ideal for you. Consider placing the blog links in the group and page and urge followers to visit the page for a fee. When your followers visit the page, it increases traffic to the organization’s blog to achieve business goals.

Start Affiliate Marketing

According to Shopify, affiliate marketing is a profitable business strategy for skilled individuals to make money. While affiliate marketing has grown in popularity over recent years, you can benefit from the lucrative strategy on Facebook. If you have massive followers on Facebook pages, consider collaborating with companies to earn through affiliate marketing.

The idea is to create content with one or two affiliate links in the group and earn a percentage on the product. You get a percentage every time someone purchases the product with your link. Many affiliate marketers earn up to 50% on sales, and you can benefit without national barriers.

Operate a Facebook Group in Your Niche

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, operating a Facebook group in your niche offers rewarding opportunities no matter your location. You can earn money on Facebook by operating a group.

If your group has massive followers on Facebook, consider focusing on sales and selling information products. You can set up a group to share ideas and encourage members in your area of expertise for a fee. Furthermore, you can offer paid coaching and promote products for companies in your niche for rewards.

Facebook Marketing through Advertisement and Influencing

According to Lyfe Marketing, advertising and influencing is a lucrative ideas to make money on the social media platform. Advertising and influencing can take revenue streams to the next level, and your benefit. Keep in mind that the more followers you have to determine your income on the platform with this strategy.

Many digital marketers and business owners reach out to influencers for paid averts, making it ideal for you. The idea is to post their products and services on your page for a fee. Consider promoting their products and services to your audience to increase engagement and revenue streams.

Get Paid for Sponsored Likes and Shares

According to Oberlo, monetizing likes and shares is a perfect way to earn a decent passive income on the social media platform. With Facebook’s popularity and active users, getting paid for shares and likes is one of the fastest ways to earn. Anyone with massive followership can leverage the social media platform or cash returns.

Many companies and individuals are looking for likes and shares on their videos and posts, and you can benefit. The idea is to post links in your groups and encourage your followers to share and like for a fee. The more likes their posts and videos get through your group or page, the more money you earn.

Publish videos on Facebook

According to the Search Engine Journal, publishing videos on Facebook is lucrative for creators to earn a desirable income. While various African content creators have high revenue streams on YouTube, Facebook is similar. Anyone with video creation expertise can earn a decent income on the social media platform.

The idea is to choose your desired niche and create videos with valuable content helpful to your Facebook audience. The social media platform pays creators for advert sales. So, you get paid based on the number of viewers on the videos. While the platform gets 55% of revenue from the video, creators keep the remaining 45%.

Sell Personal Products on Facebook

According to The Balance Small Business, selling personal products on Facebook is a fundamental marketing strategy with rewarding opportunities. Your followers determine your reach with this strategy as it increases your chances of making sales on a product.

Anyone with a massive following on the platform can turn their pages into an eCommerce store to make money. Thousands of people shop online, and you can reach them through social media. Consider posting and promoting personal products to your followers to increase revenue streams.


You can make money on the social media platform by driving Facebook traffic to blogs for a fee, affiliate marketing, or operating a group in your niche. Furthermore, you can earn with Facebook Marketing through advertising and influencing or paying for sponsored likes and shares. Facebook is a lucrative platform for you to make money and earn a desirable income. Now, it’s time to explore the platform and earn without investing a penny.