Here Are the 9 Most Sort After Tech Skills To Learn

Here Are the 9 Most Sort After Tech Skills To Learn

It has been predicted that there will be an additional 150 million technology-related jobs in the next five years globally.

Those in the tech space have been advised to constantly learn the latest technological skills to secure top jobs, which will sustain them in the industry.

Keeping up with the most in-demand tech skills is the best way to future-proof your career. It will help you adapt to the constantly changing workplace and ensure you have the most up-to-date skills.

The massive impact of the covid 19 pandemic in 2020 rendered almost a million job positions vacant, indicating a significant technological skill gap around the World which serves as opportunity tech workers can build on to learn more skills.

Current IT trends are the best one can learn about in the years ahead.

Not only will you learn of new and better opportunities, but you’ll also know which tech skills are most in-demand and come with a higher income.

Below are some of the top Tech Skills to learn in the years ahead.


Cybersecurity is at high ascendency making it one of the most sorts after tech skills one can learn going forward.

Nowadays, data loss risks are very unexpected and savage: hackers, data theft, swarms, and viruses. That’s why there’s a need to learn in this area.

Website development or Designing

The website continues to be a top-of-mind skill in the tech business because most companies have now turned their attention to building websites where they can update their consumers daily.

Machine Learning

This skill can help you earn a job and make some income, whether full-time or part-time. Machine learning is one of the growing skills among today’s youth which has the interest gone up higher than before.

The demand is even expected to grow more in the coming years. In addition, the salary of a full-time remote machine learning engineer typically ranges from $138,000 upwards.

Data Science

According to a report filed by, Data science is a field study that deals with huge volumes of data with modern tools and techniques to search for meaningful insights and make the best business decisions.

As we know, Data science is an essential part of major industries as of the current year. Businesses have happened by executing data science techniques to improvise their business and, eventually, customer satisfaction.

This Data Science has incredible opportunities for progress in the future, and the average salary in the USA is $126,635 per year.

Digital Marketing

It has the potential to drive digital technology to keep and sell products. This Digital Marketing requires skills like data analysis, project management, social media expertise, copywriting skills, and knowledge of customers and Search Engine Optimisation.

Regarding this instant growth in new technologies and global digitization, digital marketing skills are highly imposed with great demand & probable future.

Salary as per the US is $87 000/year.

Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Skills to be required for 2023 one of the skills is Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence replicates human intelligence progressions concerning machines, particularly computer systems.

Whereas Artificial Intelligence is revolutionary and extremely influential technology that can vastly enhance the proficiencies of the workplace

UI/UX Development

This skill has become in high demand due to its lucrative nature. UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements you interact with when using a website, app, or other electronic devices. UX refers to your interaction with a product, including how you feel about the exchange.


DevOps—a combination of “development” and “operations”—acts as a bridge between the software development and IT teams. Though a field unto itself, DevOps skills can help run an organization’s IT and development aspects. Working in DevOps can mean becoming a DevOps engineer.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing skills are in demand, including anything from building cloud infrastructure to maintaining them. Working with cloud technology can open doors to positions like cloud developer, cloud administrator, and cloud architect.