How to Download Your Twitter Archive

How to Download Your Twitter Archive

The Twitter community has recently experienced a great deal of chaos. Several weeks into Elon Musk’s ownership, there have been numerous changes to the policies. Many times, the Twitter Blue experiment was started and then abandoned; the most recent suspension was due to the rise in the number of phony but verified accounts.  

Some Twitter users have opted to stay away from the platform due to all these controversies. You may want to save your Twitter archive if you intend to stop using Twitter or if you are worried that it could be shut down, which seems possible. You risk losing memories, networking opportunities, and all other information on the platform if you don’t save the archive.

Twitter Archive: What exactly does it involve? 

Your profile details, tweets, address book, Moments, Direct Messages, and media files like videos, images, and GIFs attached to DMs, tweets, and Moments are all stored in your Twitter archive. It also includes a list of the people you follow, the accounts you follow, and any lists you have created, joined, or are a part of. 

The details of the ads you have seen or interacted with on Twitter, as well as interest and demographic data that the platform has deduced about you, are all stored in the Twitter archive. To find relevant information, you can search the archive using words, phrases, usernames, and hashtags. 

How to request Twitter archives 

The Twitter archive cannot simply be downloaded at your leisure. To export your Twitter account archive, you must ask for it, and after a set amount of time has passed, you will get an email notification. Requesting a download of your Twitter archive is as simple as the steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter account. 

Step 2: Next, click the menu or profile icons. Then, tap on Settings and Privacy. 

Step 3: Tap on Account. 

Step 4: Then, tap on Twitter data under Data and permissions. 

Step 5: Select the “Download an archive of your data” option. Tap on it. 

Step 6: Enter your Twitter account password to confirm your action. You must confirm the verification code you will receive via email or phone.  

Step 7: After confirming your identity, select “Request archive.” 

Step 8: When the archive is ready to be downloaded, you will receive a push notification or email. 

Download Twitter Archive

To download, select the “Download archive” option from the same menu. As an alternative, you can request a download link via email and, while logged into your Twitter account, simply click the Download button to obtain a .zip file containing your Twitter archive. 

According to Twitter, the platform will generate the archive after a request is made, but it may take up to 24 hours.