How To Find Out Who Has Been Stealing Your WiFi

How To Find Out Who Has Been Stealing Your WiFi
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Feel like your monthly WiFi quota might be depleting a little too fast? Before the end of the month, are you having to top-up multiple times?

On top of that, your speed has been sluggish. It could just be a poor network or perhaps you need to move your router somewhere that offers more reach. However, it could be something a little less innocent.

Find out whether your data deal is just too little to be spread throughout the month or whether someone may be pilfering from your WiFi. During the lockdown, there has been a surge in cybercrime and any unauthorized users accessing your WiFi may be privy to your personal information and passwords.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help you out. A quick visit to your app store will introduce you to a whole range of scanning apps that were designed to suss out who’s been using your WiFi so you can change all your passwords – saving you money and offering you peace of mind.

4 apps to help you find out who’s been stealing your WiFi:

Who Uses My WiFi?

The app comes with a flawless design that’s easy to navigate, proving that it doesn’t require overly complicated methods to track the connected users and devices of your wireless network.


The network scanner, Fing, has helped over 35 million people decipher which unauthorized users have been depleting their data. The patented technology is also used by router manufacturers and antivirus companies worldwide. There are some bonus features included too such as internet speed tests, network security and device alerts, the option to set parental controls, and much more.

Network Analyzer

Apart from being able to see who is using your WiFi, the app’s discovery tool that reveals all the LAN device’s addresses, manufacturers, and names. One of the most impressive features available is its ability to show all neighbouring WiFi networks together with additional details such as signal strength, encryption, and router manufacturer to help discover the best channel for a wireless router.

WiFi Thief Detector

Using WiFi Thief Detector, you’ll be able to quickly discover how many and which devices are connected to your router with IP, MAC ID, and vendor listing.

All these apps are free on Google Play and App Store.