How To Get Your Drugs Delivered To You In The Comforts Of Your Homes With DrugNet App

How To Get Your Drugs Delivered To You In The Comforts Of Your Homes With DrugNet App

Are you sick, burnt out, simply tired, or need your regular check-in with a pharmacist all from the comforts of your home? Then worry no more; the DrugNet app has it all covered.

The Drugnet app is an online pharmacy portal where you can buy all your medications and have them delivered to your doorsteps.

It’s convenient, affordable, and allows you to buy drugs, track your health, and save time. Its many features include “Talk to a pharmacist,” “schedule refill,” and “upload subscription.”

The app allows patients to upload their prescriptions which a pharmacist picks up and have it delivered to them.

Talk to a pharmacist

The “talk to a pharmacist” or “live chat with a pharmacist” creates room for users to speak to a standby staff who is always ready to guide them through their woes. The app has an in-built AI assistant that gathers and processes user-specific data and creates an excellent patient experience. The AI then connects individuals to pharmacists when need be.

Schedule a refill

The “schedule a refill” option allows patients on routine medication to schedule a refill. The app also does well to notify patients when they are due for more, and patients also get to input a specific drug and quantity they want.
The DrugNet app is available on Play Store and iOS and has about 6000 downloads.
To get your drugs delivered at home, download the DrugNet app, fill in your details and explore the features. Your drug request will be accepted and handed to a courier who will deliver it to you in half an hour at a low cost.

Source: Verny Joy