How To Make Payments Through WhatsApp

How To Make Payments Through WhatsApp
Credit: Unsplash

WhatsApp Pay is for users so that they can make payments within the app through chats conveniently.

People can send money from the chat itself to anyone using the now UPI supported app. WhatsApp rolled out the payment services in partnership with the National Corporations of India (NPCI) last month.

However, even with a 400-million user base in the India, WhatsApp Pay rolled out to 20 million WhatsApp users.

In a press statement, NPCI said that no third-party app part of the UPI payment system would be allowed to carry out more than 30 per cent of all UPI transactions. This includes WhatsApp Pay. The volume of transactions will be measured for the preceding three months on a rolling basis and the rule will come into effect from January 1, 2021.

For users who have already received the payments feature, they can make WhatsApp Payment using the following feature:

  • Open the chat to whom you want to make the payment.
  • Select the attachment icon
  • Select the Payment option
  • You will see the list of banks
  • Select the bank with which you want to link your account
  • WhatsApp will ask users to verify their phone numbers through SMS.
  • Once their numbers are verified, users should select the bank account to which they want to link to WhatsApp Pay
  • You will get the notification “Payment complete — You can now send payments in WhatsApp. Open a chat and tap the attachment icon to start sending.”

Users must note that the person they are sending money to also needs WhatsApp Pay on their phones. In case users do not have this, they can ask someone with WhatsApp Pay to notify them. Once the recipients are ready to receive money, WhatsApp will notify the sender while the receivers1 will get a payment notification from the contact. WhatsApp will then ask them to set up your payment account. Once the receiver clicks on the Set-Up option, they will be able to create a payment account on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has also rolled out carts for the WhatsApp business accounts. WhatsApp aims to make shopping taking place through chats convenient for users and help online businesses. Users will be able to browse a catalogue, select multiple products, and send the order as one message to the business with carts.