How To Play Xbox Games On Your PC

How To Play Xbox Games On Your PC

It is now possible to indulge in numerous Xbox games on your personal computer even without possessing an Xbox console. To achieve this, you only require the Xbox application and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Moreover, it is also feasible to purchase certain Xbox applications that have been adapted to be used on PCs, or if you prefer, you could even attempt using an emulator.

How to Play Xbox Games on a PC

To experience Xbox games on your computer, the simplest method is to obtain the Xbox application on your Windows PC. If your computer has Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can typically find it in the Start menu, as it comes pre-installed. In case you do not have it, you can acquire the Xbox app for free from the official Xbox website for your Windows PC. However, keep in mind that the app is not compatible with versions of Windows that are older than Windows 10.

The subsequent step involves obtaining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is a paid subscription. Nevertheless, it grants you access to an extensive selection of Xbox and PC games, including some of the console’s finest titles. You can procure this subscription in the Xbox app or through the Game Pass Ultimate page on the Xbox website. Once that is done, you need to sign in to the Xbox app. Consequently, you can play Xbox games on your PC in two ways.

Primarily, you can download and play first-party Xbox games that have been modified for use on PCs. You can find all the available titles in the Xbox app. By clicking on “Store,” you can browse and select the game you want to buy and download. Once the download is complete, you can launch the game and immediately begin playing on your PC.

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Alternatively, you can stream Xbox games from the cloud by selecting “Cloud Gaming.” This will allow you to stream Xbox games that are running on Microsoft’s servers, and you can play them on your PC, even if your PC does not have advanced graphics capabilities. However, you will require an Xbox controller to play.

Also, an additional option to play Xbox games on your PC is by streaming games from your Xbox to your computer—provided that both devices are connected to the internet. In the same Xbox app mentioned previously, if your Xbox console and PC are connected to the internet, you will notice an icon for your Xbox console in the top-left corner beside the notifications bell icon. This icon is labeled “Consoles” when you hover over it with your mouse. However, this functionality is exclusively compatible with Xbox One consoles and is not supported by newer Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy streaming games that are accessible in Cloud Gaming.

xbox connect symbol in pc xbox app howtointech
Xbox connect symbol in Xbox app

Clicking on this icon will reveal a dropdown menu where you can choose your Xbox console. You will then need to press the “X” button on your Xbox to confirm the connection. Once you have done so, your computer’s display will begin showcasing what is happening on your Xbox console. Voila! You are now in streaming mode! Finally, connect your Xbox controller, and you are all set to play.

Moreover, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate boasts other remarkable benefits, including Xbox Live Gold subscription, which offers exciting multiplayer capabilities and exclusive game discounts.

Cancelling Xbox Game Pass on a PC

If you wish to cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription (or any of its variations), the first step is to visit Microsoft’s Services & Subscription page. After logging in, look for the subscription you intend to cancel and click on the “Manage” option. Within the Manage menu, there is a section labeled “Payment settings” where you can choose to cancel your subscription.

Alternative Methods for Playing Xbox Games on PC

In addition to utilizing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, there exist alternative approaches to playing Xbox games on your PC. One such method is to use an emulator, which allows you to play original Xbox and Xbox 360 games on your computer.
If you’re searching for a reliable emulator, consider using Xemu for playing original Xbox games and Xenia for playing Xbox 360 games. Sadly, as of now, there are no viable emulators available for Xbox One games.