How To Screen Record On iPhone

How To Screen Record On iPhone

The built-in screen recording feature in iOS makes it simple to screen record on iPhone. Whether you want to capture a video tutorial, a video call, or a game session, it’s a simple process that requires no extra software. We’ll show you how to start screen recording on your iPhone or iPad and share your content with others in just a few easy steps. Get ready to capture your screen with ease!

Keep in mind that this feature is only available on devices running iOS 11 or later.  

How to Enable Screen Recording on the iPhone

Make sure screen recording is turned on on your iPhone or iPad before we do anything else. The screen recording feature is available on every device running iOS 11 or later. But before you can use it, we’ll need to add the “Screen Recording” button to Control Center.

Here is how to check and add screen recording to the Control Center:
  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to “Control Center.

If “Screen Recording” is not already in the “Included Controls” section follow the step below to add it.

  • Scroll down and tap the “+” icon next to it.

There you go! You’re now ready to make some screen recordings.

How to Record the Screen on iPhone

Since Apple released iOS 11 in 2017, the iPhone and iPad have come equipped with a built-in screen recording feature. Once you’ve included it in the Control Center, using it is simple.

To access the Control Center, first:
  • Swipe downward from the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Tap the Screen Recording button (circle within a circle).
Screen record button
Tap the Screen Recording button

A countdown will appear on the button, and it will turn red when it is recording. Go ahead and record whatever you want.

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Timer in red that shows screen is recording
Tap on the red timer to Stop the recording

Once you’re finished, you can tap the stop button or the red clock in the top left corner of the screen.

Tap Stop Recording
Tap on Stop to end the recording

By opening the Control Center once more you can Tap “Stop” to end the recording.

You’re ready to go! The screen recording can be found in the Photos app.

How to Screen Record With Sound on iPhone

It’s equally simple to record a screen with sound or without. If you don’t make a new change, your iPhone or iPad will actually remember your selection and save it for upcoming recordings. Let’s get started.

To access the Control Center, first: 
  • Swipe downward from the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Tap and hold the screen recording button (circle within a circle).

You’ll notice some additional screen recording options. The apps on the list allow you to share your screen during video calls.

Turn on microphone
Turn on microphone

To activate the microphone, you need to tap the “Microphone” button at the bottom. When this is turned on, the microphone will record sound during the screen recording from both you and your surroundings.

select photos before you record
Select “Photos” before you start recording

For a standard screen recording, make sure “Photos” is chosen before tapping “Start Recording.”

When you are finished with the recording, you can either tap the red clock in the top left corner of the screen or open the Control Center once more and tap the button to stop.

That’s how simple it is. Your microphone-attached audio will be included in the video that was captured.

How to Find Screen Recordings on iPhone

You may be curious about what happens to a screen recording after you successfully create one. Fortunately, a notification will appear immediately after recording, directing you to the recording file in the Photos app.

screen record notification
Screen recording notification
To access the recordings directly:
  • Open the “Photos” app.
iphone photos library
iPhone photos library

The recordings, like all of your other photos and videos, are saved to the camera roll. When you open the “Photos” app, you’ll see them in the “Library” tab and the “Recents” album. All new screen recordings will be saved there.

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Screen recording on an iPhone or iPad is a convenient and easy process. With the built-in screen recording feature on iOS, you can easily capture your screen activity and share it with others. Whether you want to record a video tutorial, a gameplay session, or a video call, the process is straightforward and requires no additional software. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily start screen recording on your iPhone and share your content with others. Remember to use the microphone option to add audio to your recording, and don’t forget to turn off the feature once you’re done to preserve your battery life.