How To Text On WhatsApp Even If Your Battery Is Dead

How To Text On WhatsApp Even If Your Battery Is Dead

WhatsApp has rolled out a limited public beta test for an updated multi-device capability that will allow users to send messages without being connected to their mobile phones.

WhatsApp says the new capability will allow users to use WhatsApp on their phones and up to four other non-phone devices simultaneously — even if their phone battery is dead. Each companion device will connect to their WhatsApp independently while maintaining the same level of privacy and security through end-to-end encryption that people who use WhatsApp have come to expect.”

Presently, WhatsApp can be connected to your smartphone and also your computer, but it has limited functionalities as it can frequently get disconnected — especially when the phone has a poor connection, its battery is running low, or the application process gets killed by the phone’s OS.

In a tweet, Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, said “Our multi-device capability immediately makes the experience better for people who use desktop/web and Portal. And it also will make it possible to add support for more kinds of devices over time.”

However, this update raises concerns as other people can maliciously log into your WhatsApp by secretly adding your device to their account to see your private conversations, but WhatsApp reassuringly stated, “We have extended security codes to now represent the combination of all of someone’s device identities so that anyone and their contact can always verify all the devices they are sending messages to. We also give people additional control and protections over which devices are linked to their account.”

But Jake Moore, a security specialist at anti-virus-company ESET, said that no matter how robust the security is, having messages on more devices could still be a concern.

“There will always be a malicious actor looking to create a workaround,” he said.

“Domestic abusers and stalkers could now have the potential of using this new feature to their advantage, by creating additional endpoints in order to capture any synchronized private communications.”

He also said that social engineering is an “ever-increasing” threat, and the responsibility lies with the user to keep an eye out for potential misuse.

“It is therefore vital that people are aware of all the devices that are connected to their account,” he warned.