How To Use Spoiler Styling in Telegram For Android

How To Use Spoiler Styling in Telegram For Android

It’s downright impossible to steer clear of pop culture spoilers when they are practically everywhere on the internet and, sometimes, in your chat box. While you can avoid reading an online review until you’ve watched the last episode of House of the Dragon, how will you stop that diehard MCU fan in your chat group from spoiling the movie you’ve been eagerly waiting for?

Enter: Telegram’s nifty spoiler redaction tool! Using this text formatting style, you can save yourself from accidentally coming across a major spoiler before you catch up on a hyped-up series on one of your favourite streaming platforms. And after that, you can be a little more considerate towards your friends who are still an episode or two behind when discussing that show in a Telegram group. This is how to use spoiler styling in Telegram.

How to send a Telegram message with spoiler styling

The Telegram app for Android has made it easy to hide spoilers by adding a new option to the existing text formatting list. This is what you need to do:

  1. When typing your message in a chat window, select the portion you want to keep from the readers.
  2. Tap Spoiler in the context menu that pops up.
  3. The selected text is replaced with a quick animation, after which you can send the message as usual

How to view a spoiler message on Telegram

Telegram covers the spoiler text with the same animation on the recipient’s end, even in the message notification. When you receive a message with this spoiler alert, you can uncover the hidden text with a single tap on the animation.

If you accidentally reveal the spoiler message, there’s no quick gesture to hide it again. Your only option is to exit the chat window and get back in. Doing this resets the redaction, and the animation once again covers the text.

Add an extra safety layer to your Telegram account

Telegram makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends by bringing the service to all kinds of devices you use every day, from one of the best tablets to your office laptop. When your Telegram account is open in many places, it’s easy to slip up, potentially compromising your privacy. But fret not. You can take some easy steps to use your Telegram account safely and securely across your devices and continue chatting all you want!

Source: AndroidPolice