The Best Ways To Catch And Stop Facebook Stalkers

The Best Ways To Catch And Stop Facebook Stalkers

Social media stalking and following someone online are very different behaviors. The most widely used social media platforms in existence today are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which are all divisions of Facebook. Additionally, users on these platforms have reported being threatened and stalked. You should take these actions if you believe someone is constantly keeping an eye on you or stalking you on Facebook. First let’s drive into who a Facebook Stalker is.

How Does Facebook Stalking Work? 

Following someone while they are unseen or unheard constitutes stalking, which is likely to seriously alarm and terrorize that person. 

Not just in physical reality can someone be stalked. Social media platforms are popular hangouts for stalkers, and it can be done virtually. Facebook stalking specifically means keeping tabs on another user’s activities on the social media platform. It’s also possible that the user’s profile, pictures, and other content are being viewed excessively. Additionally, when someone stalks someone on Facebook, they may send them repeated messages or comment on their posts.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Facebook Stalking You? 

There are a few steps you can take to see if someone is stalking you on Facebook. Checking who viewed your profile could help you find out, especially if the same person keeps visiting your Facebook profile. Do keep in mind, though, that these actions might indicate your true friends and family, who may be looking out for you. Here’s how to find out if someone has been frequently looking at your profile, or worse, stalking you: 

Check 1: To begin, filter out the updates that appear in your Feed. Facebook displays “people you might know” to you while also displaying their updates. There’s a chance this Facebook “friend” is actually a stalker if you’re receiving updates from someone you don’t know or interact with on a regular basis. Facebook would start displaying their updates on your Feed since they frequently visit your profile.

Check 2: Check who’s liking and commenting on your old photos. We share bits of our lives on Facebook every day because it has been around for such a long time. If someone is stalking you, they probably have access to all of your information, including those images. Remember that stalkers might not like or comment on your posts on purpose, but an unintentional like could raise a red flag for you. 

Check 3: Find out who is included in your groups. Another sign that someone is stalking you is if they frequently appear in the groups you follow. Of course, not every stalker is going to like your pictures, but they might be looking at your preferences and likes, which brings us to the typical groups. It could be a further red flag if you have suspicions about someone and then discover they are a part of the group you follow. 

Check 4: Check Your Friend List. Another method of excluding users from Facebook is to do that. On Facebook, users frequently receive new friend requests from people they may or may not know. Although it is possible for stalkers to enter your Facebook friend list using a false name or persona. Finding your stalker can be accomplished by double-checking each friend request.

How Can Facebook Stalkers Be Stopped? 

Your mental health and peace of mind may suffer significantly if you become a victim of stalking. There are a few strategies for dealing with stalkers on Facebook. You can start by being honest and whittling down your friend list to only include people you know. You can protect yourself from stalkers by using a few Facebook settings. Here are some pointers: 

Step 1: Filter your friends list.

One of the most inclusive and open platforms is Facebook, which suggests users you may know. But if you want to stop stalking, go to your friend list and take anyone out who you don’t know or don’t want to be a part of your online social life.

Step 2: Report and Block.

Many users follow this strategy as one of the most effective ones for avoiding stalkers. You can always block someone if you notice them stalking, messaging, commenting on your photos, or worse, abusing you. In the best-case scenario, you can report the profile and Facebook will take action to ban the user from its platform. 

Step 3: Change the mode to private.

As previously mentioned, Facebook is very open, enabling your posts and updates to be seen by many people. You can always choose a private mode where only your friends can see, like, and comment on your posts and photos. By doing this, you can make a bubble around your Facebook life that only the people you trust can access.

Completely muting social media 

When it comes to Facebook stalking, Millennials are among the most impacted demographics. This generation is prone to sharing every detail of their lives online because they are so glued to their smartphones. The best course of action is to give up your smartphone and switch to a feature phone if you’re dealing with serious threats that are hurting your mental wellbeing. Despite how challenging it may sound, using a feature phone makes life easier. 

On a more serious note, if you realize you are being stalked and you are unable to deal with it, there’s always the option of getting expert assistance. To track down and combat Facebook stalkers, there are hotlines and support groups available everywhere. Additionally, you can always request police assistance from your state’s cybersecurity office, which will help catch stalkers.