Tips For Bypassing/Unlocking An iPhone Passcode (iOS 15/16 Support)

Tips For Bypassing/Unlocking An iPhone Passcode (iOS 15/16 Support)

There is no denying the excellence of the iPhone. Both the stunning camera and the easy user interface are yours to enjoy. But there’s a problem. It’s nearly impossible to unlock your iPhone if you unintentionally forget the passcode. Losing your iPhone is a good thing, but if you can’t access it, it can be disastrous for you. There is no need to worry, though. We’ll talk about how to get around the iPhone passcode in this article.

Part 1: Using iTunes to Bypass/Unlock an iPhone Passcode.

Your device can also be unlocked without the use of iTunes. You can use this to create a backup of your data and begin the unlocking process. Here’s how to unlock your iPhone using iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable that came with it.

Step 2: Next, open the iTunes software and choose your iPhone. Next, select “Restore Backup.

Step 3: iTunes will present you with several backup options; select the one you want.

Step 4: After that, go into recovery mode.

Step 5: On your computer, select Restore and Update.

Step 6: Wait a few minutes and keep your iPhone plugged in.

Part 2: Using Find My iPhone to Bypass/Unlock iPhone Passcode

If you’re wondering how to bypass an iPhone passcode without a computer, look no further. To accomplish this, use Find My iPhone.

Step 1: Find another iPhone and make sure it has “Find My iPhone” installed.

Step 2: Now, log in to your Apple ID with your credentials.

Step 3: The app will display all of the devices that are linked to your email. 

Step 4: Press and hold your device.

Step 5: Next, select options and then “Erase iPhone.

Step 6: Select “Restore from iCloud Backup” and enter your iCloud credentials.

Part 3: Can the iPhone passcode be bypassed or unlocked?

If we discuss how Apple created its iOS. The iPhone passcode cannot be hacked. It is as a result of the excellent iCloud system. There are, however, a few ways to fall into this hole.

For instance, you can enter your phone using a third-party tool like PassFab iPhone Unlocker. However, you can also use iTunes to fix this problem. The “find my iPhone” function can also be used to complete the task.

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Each approach has benefits and drawbacks. So, try each approach and see which one suits you the best.

How to Bypass/Unlock iPhone Passcode Using PassFab iPhone Unlocker [No Data Loss]

If you want to learn how to bypass an iPhone passcode without losing data, you should use the PassFab iPhone unlocker.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker’s key features 

It’s a quick and simple way to remove the iPhone passcode. Those who have worked in the Apple environment know how difficult it is to recover your passcode. Therefore, this is a great way to avoid hassle.

Moving on, it’s a safe way to lock MDM without losing data. These tools are widely available online, but they should not be used. PassFab, however, will protect your safety and security.

Anyone can use it because it is simple to use, so there is no need to ask for assistance. Lastly, it’s compatible with all iOS devices.

How to Bypass/Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Losing Data 

The steps to remove the iPhone passcode without erasing data are listed below.

1. Launch the PassFab iPhone unlocker from your computer.

unlock screen passcode

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer after that, and then click “Next.”

start remove iphone passcode

3. Download the firmware that the tool suggests.

download firmware package

4. Next, select Start to Remove.

download firmware package success

5. After a few seconds, you’re done.

removing passcode

6. Select “Done.”

remove passcode successfully

Part 4: Using Siri to Bypass/Unlock an iPhone Passcode

Siri is also a big help in getting the locked device unlocked. To unlock an iPhone using Siri, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Siri and ask, “What time is it now?

Step 2: Select the world clock and add another timepiece to the mix.

Step 3: Next, select “Share” and then “Message.”

Step 4: Make a new contact and include photos in it.

Step 5: When you go into photos, simply click the Home button to return to the home page.

Using your camera to unlock your iPhone without a passcode

Here’s how to use the camera to unlock an iPhone without a passcode.

There is another simple method you can use if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of downloading a tool on your computer to fix your phone.

You can use a flaw in the iPhone to get around your password protection. Simply open the camera and make sure it is set to selfie mode.

Hold onto your home button after that until you hear a clicking sound. Your iPhone will now automatically unlock.

Finally, it’s difficult to get around the passcode on your iPhone. However, there are various techniques you can employ to simplify your situation. For instance, using the “Find my iPhone” app to solve the problem is simple and effective. If nothing else succeeds, however, you can use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to securely remove your iPhone passcode.