Two Quick Ways To Detect If Someone Unfollowed You On Instagram

Two Quick Ways To Detect If Someone Unfollowed You On Instagram

Follower count on social media platforms is often viewed as a measure of success and popularity, notably Instagram. As a result, it can be disheartening to discover that someone has unfollowed you. Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide notifications when this occurs, leaving users to manually check their follower count or scroll through their list of followers. Fortunately, there are tools available to simplify this process. In this article, we will discuss two quick and easy methods to detect if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram.

1. How to Check Who Unfollowed You: The Manual Way

The fundamental method for determining who has stopped following you on Instagram involves monitoring your follower count and scrutinizing particular users. Should you detect a decrease in your follower count, you can delve into the “Following” lists of those users to confirm if they are still following you.

However, this process is evidently cumbersome and unfeasible, particularly when you have a large following that frequently changes. It would be more advantageous to employ a tool designed for precisely monitoring your follows and unfollows.

2. Which Third-Party Apps to Use to Analyze Followers

Instagram has taken significant measures to safeguard its API for privacy reasons. Consequently, developers of third-party unfollower apps have been considerably restricted in terms of how they can access a user’s followers. This could be the reason why you might have experienced difficulties while using an app that claimed to reveal the identity of your unfollowers.

Nevertheless, a few trustworthy third-party apps still exist that can be of assistance. The following are three diverse apps that can connect to your Instagram account and provide you with valuable information about your followers (as well as unfollowers).

Follow Meter

Follow Meter is an application that provides users with valuable insights about their Instagram popularity, such as unfollowers, secret admirers, and ghost followers. Upon downloading and installing the app on your iOS or Android device, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Instagram account via the app.

Once you’re signed in, the app will display your dashboard, which includes information about your unfollowers, new followers, users who are not following you back, and users who you are not following back. Some of Follow Meter’s advanced features require in-app purchases, but the app has been commended in some of its reviews for adapting to the changes made to the Instagram API, enabling users to continue tracking who unfollowed them.

Followers Tracker Pro

Followers Tracker Pro is an app available on the App Store, and despite the word “pro” in its name, it is free to download and use (with optional in-app purchases for extra features). The app serves as a straightforward follower/following tracker, boasting a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

At a glance, you can see your gained and lost followers, unfollowers (i.e., users who are not following you back), and deleted likes and comments. Simply tap on the Lost Followers tab to view a list of your unfollowers.

Furthermore, the app offers additional insights into your followers, such as identifying “ghost” followers, discovering who’s posting nearby, and monitoring your average likes per photo, among other features. Followers Tracker Pro is updated frequently, with updates released multiple times per month, which is a positive indication that the app is likely to function correctly as it integrates with the Instagram app.

Follow Cop

If you’re an Android user in search of a stylish and sophisticated follower tracking app, you should definitely explore Follow Cop. This app allows you to view your unfollowers (i.e., users who don’t follow you back), users who recently unfollowed you, ghost followers, top likers, and more.

Because Follow Cop only displays the users who most recently unfollowed you, it’s important to monitor your unfollowers frequently. In addition to this information, you can also determine whether or not you are following your unfollowers.

In addition to its tracking features, Follow Cop provides a convenient way to manage your followers. Rather than navigating through the Instagram app, you can use Follow Cop to mass unfollow up to 15 users at a time. The app also features filters that allow you to identify fake followers and connect up to three Instagram accounts simultaneously.

The free version of Follow Cop, available on Android, permits up to 15 unfollows at once. However, you can repeat the process as often as needed. If you wish to unfollow up to 200 users at once, you’ll need to purchase the app’s premium version.

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What to Do When You See Who Unfollowed You

After using any of the aforementioned apps to identify your unfollowers on Instagram, it’s ultimately up to you to determine how to proceed. You may choose to attempt to regain these followers, attract new ones, or simply move on. If you decide to pursue the first option, you will need to invest time and effort into engaging with these users by liking and commenting on their posts, and perhaps even following them.

For businesses and individuals seeking to build a brand, maintaining a robust social following is typically quite crucial. In this context, apps such as those mentioned above can prove invaluable for retaining followers and customers alike.