Why Does My Phone Restart On Its Own Randomly?

Why Does My Phone Restart On Its Own Randomly?

Under normal operating conditions, a smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, should not restart without you performing that action. Such behavior may indicate a variety of issues that require your attention. Here are some of the most common causes of a phone restarting on its own.

What Is Causing My Phone To Restart At Random?

1. System Software Is Outdated

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If your phone hasn’t been updated in a long time, outdated system software could be the source of your problems. System updates not only include new features, but they also frequently include fixes for bugs and other issues found in the software. So, if your phone is running an older software version, it’s time to update it, as this may resolve the intermittent reboots.

Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the most recent system update for your iPhone. Android users can find system updates in Settings > System. Every phone, however, eventually stops receiving updates, and if this is the case for you, it’s time to upgrade your iPhone or Android device.

2. Faulty Apps

Apps are an important component of smartphones, in addition to the operating system software. There is a good chance that any change in your phone’s behavior could be the result of a recent app install or an update because we frequently install new apps and update the existing ones with new features.

By restarting your phone in Safe Mode on Android, you can determine if a downloaded app is the reason for the reboots. You can find the right steps by consulting your manufacturer’s support website because Safe Mode is enabled in different ways on phones made by different manufacturers. However, you can usually access Safe Mode by holding down the power button while waiting for the power off pop-up to appear. When the Safe Mode prompt appears, long press the power off option.

safe mode android
Restarting your phone in Safe Mode on Android

Third-party apps are restricted in Android’s Safe Mode. If the issue is resolved in Safe Mode, an app is probably to blame for the restarts.

To find the broken app, uninstall the most recent installations one at a time. However, make sure you are using the most recent version of each app before uninstalling it as there is a chance an update will resolve the problem if you are using an older version.

Unfortunately, there is no Safe Mode on iPhone. In order to determine whether a malfunctioning app is to blame, you will simply need to uninstall each recently installed or updated app one at a time.

3. Limited Storage Space

Although not common, intermittent reboots on your phone could also be caused by a lack of storage. For your phone to operate smoothly, 15% to 20% of free space is typically advised. However, if your phone doesn’t have enough storage, it’s time to delete large files and rarely used or unused apps. In order to maintain free storage on their phones, iPhone users also have the option to offload rarely used apps.

4. Malware

Even though some PC malware is known to cause crashes or reboots, the issue is relatively uncommon for smartphones, especially iPhones. Random reboots caused by a virus aren’t entirely absurd, but the malware landscape is constantly evolving.

You can use an anti-malware scan on Android to find and get rid of the offender. We recommend BitDefender. A factory reset, on the other hand, could get rid of the virus or any other malware in the phone if that doesn’t work. Having said that, be sure to create a backup of your data before proceeding.

5. Hardware Issue

Your phone probably has a hardware issue that is causing it to reboot if none of the previously listed explanations seem to apply to your circumstance. When your phone gets older, is dropped, or is exposed to water, hardware problems arise.

You will need to bring it to a service facility for repair in this situation. The technicians will identify the problem and recommend a course of action for the future. Prior to sending your phone for repair, don’t forget to backup your data and factory reset it.

6. Debris in Ports

The USB port on your smartphone may occasionally become blocked by debris such as lint or dirt as you use it. Debris in the USB charging port could therefore be the reason why your phone keeps restarting while it is plugged in to charge. You can get rid of this debris with the aid of a compressed air can or a plastic toothpick. To avoid any serious harm to your smartphone from pointed objects, you can contact the device manufacturer for assistance.

7. Cases and Other Accessories

Although helpful, accessories like a case, battery pack, or game controller can occasionally lead to problems. Therefore, to rule them out as the source of your phone’s random restarts, try taking them off. Keep in mind that accessories shouldn’t touch the phone’s buttons or cover its sensors.

How to Fix Your Device Restarting Randomly

Random reboots can be a frustrating issue to deal with. However, as previously discussed, the underlying issue can be identified. The problem is usually caused by system software or apps, but hardware issues can also occur. If it’s a software issue, there’s a good chance you can fix it yourself.

Otherwise, whether it’s a software, hardware, or unidentified problem, you can always contact the device manufacturer for assistance. Remember that unless your device is still under warranty, the manufacturer will most likely charge you for the repair. If the cost is prohibitively expensive, you may be better off replacing the phone.