Spotify: How To Use A Scan Code To Scan Songs

Spotify: How To Use A Scan Code To Scan Songs

You can share music with your friends by using Spotify barcodes, which are accessible on both free and premium accounts. This article explains how to locate and scan these barcodes.

How to Use Spotify Song Codes on Smartphones

While using Spotify, you may come across a fantastic song that you want to recommend to your friends. There is an easier way to share the song than by using a messaging app. Simply open the Spotify song code in your browser and have your friends scan it. It is now possible to share instantly.

  1. Open the page for whatever you want to share to get a scan code. It could be a song, an album, an artist, or a playlist.
  1. Tap the three dots to the right of the heart icon.
  1. The album cover art will appear on the page that appears, along with a barcode (the Spotify scan code) at the bottom of that image. Your friends can scan that from their Spotify app to go straight to the artist’s page, or the song, album, or playlist will start playing automatically.
The bar code is under the album cover art
The bar code is under the album cover art

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How to Use Song Codes on Spotify’s Web App

You won’t be able to access the Spotify Code if you’re using a web browser to listen to Spotify. Only the Spotify app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone can give you access to it. The process of finding a Spotify song code on the web app differs slightly from the process when using a smartphone.

Spotify 02 three dots share
  1. In the Spotify app, navigate to the song, artist, playlist, or album you want to share.
  1. Tap the three-dot menu to the right of the heart icon.
    1. The menu will appear; move your mouse over the Share option to expand the options.
    1. Choose Spotify Code to make the album art and Spotify Code visible so that your friends can scan them.
    Spotify 02 three dots share 1
    Spotify Code

    How to Scan Songs on Spotify

    It’s an easy process to scan the code that a friend is trying to share with you. You must give Spotify access to your camera in order to scan song codes on the service. You cannot scan song codes when someone wants to share them with you if you don’t give access.

    Spotify 05 camera search
    1. Open the Spotify app and select Search from the bottom toolbar.
    1. Tap the Camera icon to the right of the search bar on the search screen. 
    1. If you’re using Spotify for the first time, you may see an information page explaining how Spotify Codes work. Continue by tapping Scan to grant Spotify access to your camera.
    1. Place the Spotify code in the window on your screen, and it will automatically scan.

    Spotify scan codes make it incredibly simple and convenient to find new music, share your favorite songs with others, and have a seamless listening experience. Using scan codes can help you save time and hassle while also keeping your music collection organized and up to date, whether you’re a music enthusiast or just someone who wants to get the most out of their Spotify app.