8 Ways You Can Earn On Social Media

8 Ways You Can Earn On Social Media

Social media provides business and connection opportunities to people around the world. No matter your business size, you can build relationships and brand awareness to make profits on social media. In this article, we present some of the proven ways you can make money on social media. These recommendations are based on insightful analysis from reliable sources like Shopify, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc

Earn Commissions through Sponsored Posts

According to Cyberclick, earning commissions through sponsored posts on social media is lucrative. Also known as sponsored posting, promoting other businesses’ products and services is a direct way you can make it on social platforms. Most platforms have a sponsored post setup, enabling you to earn every time a user clicks on the ads displayed on their pages.

If you have a large following on social platforms, it’s time to leverage the numbers for a regular income. Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Instagram make it simple for you to promote affiliate products and earn a percentage.

Review Affiliate Products

According to Location Rebel, reviewing affiliate products on social media is lucrative. Most companies pay for other companies’ product reviews, for competition analysis. For example, shampoo and hair companies may demand their newest product review on your blog if you own a salon.

Furthermore, customers pay for reviews of products and services to aid their selection process before making payments. Most businesses want to promote honesty, and you can earn a desirable income from the affiliate product review industry.

Sell Your Products or Services

According to Shopify, selling your products and services on social media is a good business practice. Anyone with large followers can leverage social platforms and turn accounts into a sales funnel for business growth. In addition, you can turn these platforms into virtual online stores to solve your business and marketing needs.

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Turn these platforms into virtual online stores

The internet is a diverse market where you can sell products and services without inventory buying risks. Whether YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can earn a desirable income with effective strategies.

Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge

According to My Student Voices, sharing your knowledge is the best way to make money on social media. With modern technology evolving and humanity making discoveries, sharing knowledge online is a lucrative business. Anyone with expertise in a particular niche can earn a desirable income on social media. People are eager to learn, especially with lifestyles changing globally.

Consider creating a simple video on social platforms explaining how to solve a problem for your target audience. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are ideal platforms for sharing knowledge for incentives.

Collaborate with Brands

According to Facebook Meta for Creators, collaborating with brands is ideal for making money and building your business. Many customers believe in word of mouth and trust influencers more than companies’ paid advertisements. Therefore, you with a huge following can collaborate with brands to achieve their sales and business objectives.

Influencers can engage a brand’s target audience and relay messages from a user’s perspective. For example, you with a unique niche can host video tutorials to influence a large section of a company’s customer base.

Manage Social Media Accounts

According to Investadisor, social media managers earn a desirable income by overseeing a company’s image on the internet. In addition, these managers ensure business success by analyzing customer interactions and engagement for an effective digital campaign.

Skilled you with a vast following on social media can make money managing accounts for brands online. According to Glassdoor, an average social media manager in the United States earns over $64,000, and there are no barriers for you in this market.

Sell Digital Products

According to Small Biz Trends, selling digital products is a quick way to make money on social media. With general or specific niches, you can generate revenue with digital products on social platforms. Think online courses, e-books, music, and stock photography, and you can earn a passive income by selling digital products without limits.

Unlike websites, you can build an audience or find customers on social platforms within a few minutes. Moreover, you can sell software, templates, or online courses tailored for a specific or general audience. Besides, you never have to worry about inventory or shipping costs by selling digital products.

Build a Paid Membership

According to Buffer, building a paid membership is a popular way to earn passive income on social media. Many membership sites provide checklists, video tutorials, articles, webinars, etc. Most people join membership sites for valuable information and to learn from professionals, and you can benefit from it.

You producing exclusive content and solving problems can make money by demanding a monthly subscription from members on social media. Video-sharing platforms like Twitch and YouTube are ideal for building a paid membership.


Now that you know the proven ways to make money with social media, consider each method carefully before selecting. You can earn a decent income on social media through sponsored posts commissions, affiliate product reviews, or sharing knowledge. Social media offers money-making opportunities and connections for business growth. Now it’s time for you to explore social platforms for a desirable income without barriers.

Source : Dorcas Owusu of Digital Times Africa