Relaunch of Twitter Blue: What You Need To Know

Relaunch of Twitter Blue: What You Need To Know

Twitter Blue has been updated, and a subscription now costs more. The update will give paying Twitter accounts access to a number of features, privileges, and advantages. Twitter will also grant users access to the coveted Blue Tick, though it too will require preliminary verification. Let’s review all the details about the Twitter Blue subscription that is currently available.

Benefits and features of Twitter Blue’s relaunch

A tweet from Twitter’s official account announced the relaunch of the Twitter Blue subscription. This would be Twitter’s second launch of this particular subscription. When Elon Musk bought Twitter, one of his first significant moves was to change the terms of the Twitter Blue subscription.

twitter blue relaunch tweet
A tweet to announce the relaunch of Twitter Blue

Early November of this year saw a revision and relaunch of the monthly subscription, but Musk pulled it back. The Blue Tick, which was previously only accessible to influential individuals, well-known figures, and significant organizations, was now a paid subscription. As expected, fake accounts impersonating celebrities or organizations flooded the social media platform.

The subscription has now been relaunched by Twitter. The content of Twitter Blue subscribers will get a significant boost. Tweets from verified accounts will be prioritized, according to Twitter. According to Twitter, this will aid in “fighting spam and scams.” 

Advertisements will continue to appear in subscribers’ timelines. In other words, the Twitter Blue subscription won’t stop ads from appearing even for paying accounts. However, there will be a 50% reduction in the number of ads shown. A “reader” mode will also be made available to subscribers.

Members of Twitter Blue will also have the option of editing their tweets and posting longer videos. Subscribers can post videos in Full HD or 1080p resolution, though Twitter hasn’t yet specified the length or permitted duration. 

Twitter Blue introduces multiple badges and verification options

Twitter had been experimenting with an “Official” label for accounts that belonged to governmental entities, significant media outlets, corporations, and other accounts of a like nature. A Gold checkmark will take the place of the Official label for businesses. Accounts for the government and multilateral organizations will be marked in grey. This clearly indicates that the Blue checkmark will remain available to all Twitter Blue subscribers, but a new color label checkmark classification will be introduced.   

twitter blue subscription relaunched

According to Twitter, users who want to display the Blue badge on their profiles must validate their mobile numbers. Although it seems very simple, this verification could aid in combating the issue of spam, scams, and accounts using impersonation to spread false information. If users change their profile names or display images, verified accounts will also momentarily lose their blue checkmark. 

According to Elon Musk, subscribers to Twitter who use the Apple App Store may end up paying more. It appears that the price for an iPhone subscription maybe $11, compared to $8 for the same subscription on Twitter’s official website. Existing Twitter Blue customers will have the option to upgrade, cancel, or have their subscription automatically renewed at the new rate. Prices might change depending on the region. Soon, subscriptions will be available on Android.