How To Get Rid Of That Annoying Doge Icon From Your Twitter Feed

How To Get Rid Of That Annoying Doge Icon From Your Twitter Feed

Twitter is always changing, and recently, they merged their verified users and Twitter Blue users so they can’t be distinguished without an extension. Additionally, they replaced their classic bird logo with the Doge meme, which is a ridiculous decision and a sign of Twitter’s decline. However, there is a way to rid your Twitter experience of this annoying Doge logo.

Why did Twitter make Doge its new icon?

It’s not entirely clear why Twitter made this change, but some speculate it’s a nod to Elon Musk’s involvement with Dogecoin. However, Musk is also facing a lawsuit accusing him of manipulating Dogecoin’s value, so perhaps the logo change is related to that. Regardless, if you’re like me and have no interest in Dogecoin, you can remove the Doge logo from Twitter with just a few clicks.

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Band-aid fixes don’t remove Doge for long

Many Twitter users have found a quick solution to remove the Doge logo on Chrome. Simply right-click on the Doge, select “Inspect,” then right-click on the highlighted code and choose “Hide Element.” The Doge will disappear, and your sanity will be restored—at least until you refresh the page.

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Unfortunately, this method only works for the page you’re currently on, and the Doge will reappear if you move to another spot on Twitter or refresh the page. It’s not practical to go through these steps every time you access a new page on Twitter.

How to remove Twitter’s Doge icon entirely

Thankfully, there is a better solution. By installing the uBlock Origin extension on your browser, you can block the Doge logo from appearing altogether. After installing the extension, simply right-click on the Doge icon and select “Block Element” (with the uBlock Origin logo next to it). Then, hit “Create” on the pop-up, and the Doge will be gone for good. You can browse Twitter freely without having to see that ridiculous meme. The blank space may look a bit strange, but it’s better than having to tolerate the Doge logo.